Workshop at “Samwad”

Map Reading and Map Building Workshop at

Samvad Karnabadhir Prabodhini, Dombivli West

Students of B.R.Harne college of architecture went to the Samvad school for the hearing impaired on 24th February 2018 at 11 am.

The students initially interacted with the students by playing a couple of games to break the ice. Then the B.R.Harne students, with the help of interpreter, explained the students about mind mapping. Then the B.R.Harne students individually interacted with the students to help them makes maps. The students made a good effort and made good maps which easily explained about the way to their homes. The prizes were distributed to the best maps.

The students of Samvad School gifted the faculty their hand made greeting cards and then thanked the students for the time spent together.