Wood is Good by FOAID

Wood is Good Design Competition 2018

Wood is Good Design Competition 2018 is an annual design competition organized by Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (FII India). FII India is established by the Ministry of British Columbia (B.C.),to help promote use of solid wood lumber from B.C., Canada.

Our Students participated in this esteemed competition. The theme was to Build a multi-functional furniture product/targeted to end user which can be sold out at retail outlet. Single or multiple products could be created using the given quantity of wood.

 Material :Western hemlock solid wood lumber

Grade: No.2Shop

Size: 2 Inch Thickness x 6 Inch Width x 9 Ft. & 10 Ft. long

Quantity was limited to 10 cu. ft.

Students presented their installation on the 8th December for the Jury Session in the first half of the day followed by award ceremony.