Vachan Prerana Diwas 2018

An event of celebration of Vachan Prerana Diwas was held on 15th October 2018 at 2.15 pm in the second floor studio after the examination was over for that day. 

The students from different classes as well the faculty talked about literature and shared their experiences. 

Vachan Prerana Diwas is celebrated every year in the fond memory of our honourable 11th president of India (2002-2007) and well known scientist Dr. Abdul Kalam.

The event started with a dance presented by the 3rd year students. It proceeded with Yash Khadakban and Nilakshee as the host for the afternoon.

Next Ar. Prashant Poddar came on stage to talk about literature and share his ideas. Later some 1st year students came on stage and shared their views on literature. Then Ar. Omkar came on stage with an enticing speech which was appreciated by everyone.

Next performance was by Sahil Rahate(2nd year), who shared a few verses written by him. At the end of the event there was a dance performance by the students. Ar. Avinash Sabhagani concluded the event with a “shayari” of his own.