Tree Plantation 2018

Nested within the scenic landscapes near Karav village, BRHCOA has taken a notable step for bridging gap between built environment and the nature around, through plantation of variety of trees in the college campus.

Aim: To plant various trees within the campus


·         To make students aware about the importance of trees in order to protect ecology

·         To give students first hand experience of planting and nourishing trees

·         To add to canopy cover withing campus

 As a part of extra curricular activities, tree plantation in the college campus is conducted on 12 .07.18 with the help of students and faculty of the institute.

Systematic plantation scheme is followed in which, big trees are placed along the edge of campus. Date palms, fishtail palms etc are planted along a driveway from entrance of campus up to the college building. Shrub beds are created on certain patches. Total 42 trees were planted in a given area around college building.


Students from second, third and fourth year have participated in the activity with a great enthusiasm. First hand experience of planting a tree helped them create a personal bond with the nature and in turn to understand the importance of protecting trees.