Teachers Day 2018

A program was held on the occasion of Teachers Day (5th Sept 2018) where the students from different classes as well the faculty performed on stage, sharing their views on how important the day is.

The program started with a greeting from the students to all the faculty members and it proceeded with the “Deep Prajwalan”.

The first performance was a dance by 2 second year students, Saloni Prasad and Kinnari Thakar. Next was a unique song sung by Yadnya Dhoble from first year. Then later, some of the 1st year students put together a fun act for the faculty followed by another dance from the same. Next performance also being a dance by Akanksha Mane, Pranjal Tobre, Prachi Patil and some other classmates from first year. After that 3rd year student Akash Singh (Student Council President) delivered a heart-warming speech addressing all the faculty members followed by mimic act by Abhishek Gurav from fourth year portraying life of an architecture student.