Teachers’ Day 2017



Teacher’s day at B. R. Harne college of architecture was celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm on Wednesday the 6th September 2017, to show our acknowledgement and recognition of the efforts put in by our teachers towards our development.

Teachers were welcomed by our anchors and the programme commenced with the Deep Prajwalan ceremony and Ganesh Vandana where in a student from the 3rd year rendered a beautiful prayer to Maa Saraswati which was followed by an energetic Ganesh Vandana dance by students of 3rd year.Prior to the celebration the students as a gesture of respect felicitatedprofessors who extended their service for the growth of this college. We were obliged to welcome our very new faculty prof. Lachhmi Khalsa.

The programme began with a song which was sung by the 1st year students. Students expressed their greetings towards our faculty and non-teaching staff and honoured them with roses as a token of students love and respect. A student from the 3rd year added spice to the program with his mimicry which was followed by an energetic dance performance by students of the 2nd year. A student from the 2nd year spread an aura of energy, happiness and smiles in the venue with his song and guitar skills. A musical skit was later enacted by students of the 1st year which sent out a message on why students should work hard for their development. The programme continued with performances of a 3rd year student with his band and a student of second year with a monologue. A spiritual song which was sung by a 3rd year student bought joy in the eyes of many. An energetic performance of a 2nd year student made people rejoice with his drumming which was later followed by a band performance. A student from the 1st year marked this day with his beautiful tabla skills.

The general secretary of the college proposed a vote of thanks to all those who helped make this day fruitful. The celebration concluded with words of inspiration spoken by the faculties in charge. Teachers carried away with them warm memories of a beautiful day.