Shilanwadi Rural Project

As a part of their Architectural Design project , the 2nd year students were to design for rural settlements, conserve natural surroundings and strengthen the social fabric of the resident communities.

 The visit was conducted on 24th November 2018 at Shilanwadi Village, near Barvi dam, Murbad taluka, District Thane, Maharashtra. The road leading towards to shilanwadi from junction is a Link road.  Students were accompanied by the faculty members Prof. Ketaki Gupte, Prof. Lalit Davate and Prof. Jayraj Ghatge.

 Transportation to the village is only 1 ST bus is available in the morning from Badlapur. Nearby village are Shiland, Mohaghar, Khamghar, Taagwadi, Gungbaalwadi, Panduchiwadi. These 7 group of villages makes Grampanchayat. To familiarize the students with the rural surroundings and increase their understanding of their social fabric, all the students of 2nd year were taken for a field visit to Shilandwadi, near Badlapur on 24th November 2018. Students were divided into various groups and they documented the village structures, interviewed people and observed the general lifestyle and activity pattern of people. To have a better interaction with the villagers, the students had lunch in one of the houses in the village, sitting with the villagers in their Angan.

All this data was later analysed in their design studios and their design proposal was worked out based on this.