Prof. Sulakshana Mahajan

As a part of our AIM Talks lecture series (Architecture: Inspirations and Manifestations)  an expert lecture by Ar. Sulakshana Mahajan was arranged on Friday, 11th January 2019. In the lecture she introduced the book translated by her “Cities for People” by Jan Gehl.


The program started at 10.30 am in the second year studio and with Ar. Prashant Poddar he welcomed Ar. Sulakshana Mahajan and introduced her and gave a brief introduction about her.


Ar. Sulakshana Mahajan then started with the introduction of a book translated by her “Cities for People” by author Jan Gehl. She gave a brief introduction about Jan Gehl, his first principle was “we shape’s cities then cities shape’s us” fresh topics where she discussed about his various architectural urban topics with comparison with European and other foreign cities. She gave information about how urban life is overlooked, Neglected or phased out. She explained about senses and scale, why human dimensions are important, then she explained about  the shattered human scale by modern planning ideology and transport planning, she talked about the lively, safe, sustainable and healthy city, make the space interactive were people can meet talk and know about each other,  how densities affect city planning, she explained how we can make sustainable city by using non-motorized traffic it use less space, instead we should walk or use bicycle, what she thing is bicycle should be part of city life, whole hearted bicycle policy needed, bicycle as a part of integrated transport, from car culture to bicycle culture. She had a sustainable healthy clean perspective towards: Cities for People.


Our beloved principal Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar gave an appreciation speech for Ar. Sulakshana Mahajan for her efforts to enlighten students regarding the significance of consideration of “PEOPLE” in planning. Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar gifted her a tulsi plant as a token of appreciation for her efforts.