Orientation Week 2018

An Orientation week was conducted in the 1st year studio, Ground floor, from 9:50 AM – 4:00 PM during the first week of August i.e.; 02/08/2018 – 07/08/2018 in B.R. Harne College of Architecture, Karav, Vangani. 

Various innovative and interesting assignments were designed for the first year students so as to interest them and give them few glimpses to architecture as a course.

The workshop dealt with Landmark structures in architecture, conceptualization and model making of Free standing structures. Colour theory was introduced and an assignment was done based on it. Anthropometry and ergonomics forms the foundation of architecture education, which is introduced and its significance was discussed in another session.

Sketching underpins the work in architecture which was made a separate session. Also an architect must possess an ability to explain his ideas verbally to his clients and in public. This is the very reason why one session was based on debate and public speaking.

All these sessions concluded with a brain stimulating exercise of making models of free standing structures as well as simple basic forms.