Metal embossing

As a part of our workshop series 2018-19, renowned artist Prof. Kedar Shinde conducted a metal embossing workshop on 8th February 2019 at our college.

As a part of Inauguration, traditional Deep Prajwalan was done at the hands of calligraphy artist Mr. Ram Kasture, Prof. Kedar Shinde, our beloved principal Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar and Prof. Sanjay Shirgaonkar. After introduction of our eminent guests, both the workshops started at different venues simultaneously at 10.00 am.

The method followed for metal embossing was 

  1. Create a panel with level differences using sun board as a main stiff base and sticking layers of file card on it.
  2. These layers were to applied as a 2-D design which was made using 5 shapes 
  3. After making the panel, a metal sheet had to be applied on it taking proper edges using adhesive and ice sticks for levelling

Then it had to be oxidized and let dry for few minutes and scrub off the black layer later After that the instructions were given to the students for making the metal embossed plates.

Student participants had worked with a lot of interest which produced 57 beautiful metal embossed panels.

The college has composed them together to create an amazing mural composition which is displayed at our admin entrance.