Hunnarshala Workshop

Students of F.Y.B.Arch 2018-19 of B. R. Harne College of Architecture along with two faculty members visited Bhuj for attending a hands on two days workshop at Hunnarshala, Bhuj on 20.12.2018 and 21.12.2018.

Workshop arranged by HUNNARSHALA FOUNDATION at Bhuj.

Students were enrolled for the two days workshop that was conducted by Hunnarshala Foundation, Foundation for Building Technology & Innovations, Bhuj.

On 20th December 2018, the first day of the workshop, Mr Tejas Kotak, Executive Director and Mr Hemant Dudhaiya, Master Artisan conducted workshop in two sessions.

In the first half students were introduced to the locally available materials such as natural earth, wood, used timber, light metal fabrications those can be used on site etc.

In the second half of the day students were introduced to local soil analysis and its application in onsite making of walls and compressed blocks. The students were also taken to nearby locations where soil or earth was available and suitable as raw materials in construction.

On 21st December 2918, second day of workshop, 55 students were divided in 4 groups and each group was assigned to construct a wall in earth, compressed blocks, sun dried bricks and partitions made of bamboo strips and covering with mud on both sides. Each group completed each of the assignment in rotation during the day. Students carried out photo documentation at Hunnarshala Campus where the various structures were constructed using the various techniques developed or construction of earth houses. This study tour really helped them to understand Basics of Environmental Friendly Vernacular Architecture.