Hunnarshala Mud Const

HUNNARSHALA STUDY TOUR Students of F.Y.B.Arch of B.R.Harne College of Architecture along with three faculty members visited Bhuj as their study tour destination for the academic year 2017-18. This tour was for four days with starting date 06.02.2018 &ending at 10.02.2018. On reaching, the first two days were engaged with workshop at Hunnarshala Foundation. It is an organisation which basically works on Vernacular Architectural Style. On the very firrst day, students learnt about history of Hunnarshala Foundation, its need & work. They got to know about use of Building Materials & their sources, different quality of soils, proportion of soil ingredients & soil testing for construction. Whereas on the second day, they practically performed the construction of Rammed Earth Wall with knowledge of ratio for mixing of contents &made Earth Compressed Blocks very efficiently with the help of Artisans from Hunnarshala. On the last day they visited Vijay Vilas Palace & Kutch Museum for which they did Photo Documentation. This study tour really helped them to understand Basics of Environmental Friendly Vernacular Architecture.