Geometry in Architecture



Dr Sushama Joglekar, a renowned Origami expert, after a presentation on “Geometry in Architecture” to all students, conducted a workshop for the students of second and third year students. She imparted knowledge about connection between Origami and Architecture by showing exploring different forms and surface development. The exploration of how paper folding can be used to explore different shapes and forms was truly inspiring for architecture students.

The lecture started at 11 am with Ar. Rupali Vaidya giving a brief introduction about Dr Sushama Joglekar. She introduced and explained how geometry is applied to various forms and how shapes are an integral part in the study of geometry. The presentation covered various topics which were segregated in 3 parts .

First one was about “IntroductionTo Free Form And Curved Structures”where many types of forms were explained by using real life examples of structures. Second part came with an introduction to ‘Towards Architecture Origami‘ .Dr.Joglekar stressed on the points on how basic folding techniques, angles and proportion play an important role in origami. Third part was “Understanding Geometry And Exploring Shapes And Forms“. There were different origami pattern showed with reference to grid with different examples . Vote of thanks by Prof. Jasmine Bhavsar concluded the presentation session.

Students were enlightened by the idea of how origami can inspire and evolve architecture. So it was time for some exploration to be done by students in Origami. The workshop led by Dr. Sushma Joglekar was conducted for the second and third year students, teaching them basic and intermediate level origami which helped them understand origami. The ‘water bomb’ – a grid form made by using origami, which could expand and contract on applying pressure, caught everyones’ eyes. Even the principal Dr.SudnyaMahimkar and other teaching faculties participated in the workshop along with the students. 

The workshop was concluded at 4 pm. Students would certainly take a leaf or two out of the lecture and workshop about Origami to enhance their design. Students thanked Dr.Joglekar as the lecture changed the perspective of the students about looking towards architecture.

Check a water bomb – Click here –