Gandhi Jayanti 2018



One cannot pray to God for help in a spirit of pride but only if one confesses oneself as helpless. As I lie in bed, every day I realize how insignificant we are, how very full of attachments and aversions, and what evil desires sway us. Often I am filled with shame by unworthiness of my mind. Many a time I fall into despair because of the attention my body craves and wishes that it should perish. From my condition, I can very well judge that of others.

The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi – Vol XV p. 65, 26-11-1918

On occasion of 150th anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti, our college had organized various events such as essay competition, reading and speech with respect to Gandhi ji’s life events and achievements, his message to the world, etc.

2nd October being a University holiday, this celebration was conducted one day before, on 1st October 2018. All students across the years from 1st year to 4th year participated in the competition.

The event started at 11.00 am with Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite prarthana “Vaishnav Jan to tene kahiye” sung by students of Second year students Ms. Sarnali Karmakar and Ms. Shraddha Jagtap. It followed with Prof. Prashanta Poddar explaining the value of prayer as mentioned by Gandhiji. He also read the shlokas from Bhagvad-geeta.

Our students Akash Singh and Sayali Rane (3rd yr B.Arch.) hosted the event quite fluently and efficiently. While compering they explained Gandhiji’s contribution to Freedom movement of India.

Students were instructed to read the literature with respect to Gandhiji’s life one week in advance which they did and they participated in a discussion held by the faculty in-charge Prof. Keshav Chikodi as well as other faculties Prof. Rupali Vaidya, Prof. Ketaki Gupte and Prof. Avinash Sabhagani.

In the end, the essay competition was judged by our engineering faculty Prof. Shailesh Sakpal and the results were announced.

The toppers in the essay competition were

1.       Yash Khadakban               – 4th year B.Arch.

2.       Akash Singh                        – 3rd year B.Arch.


The event concluded with vote of thanks by our faculty Prof. Ketaki Gupte and the group singing his another favourite bhajan “Raghupati raghav rajaram.”