Fire Fighting


In collaboration with Fire Fighting Authority from Bhiwandi, our college had organized a guest lecture by Fire Officer Mr. Gurucharan Pandure on Friday 1st February 2019 in second floor studio of our college at 11.30 am. 


After Prof. Avinash Sabhagani’s welcome Prof. Sanjay Shirgaonkar introduced Mr. Gurucharan Pandure to the audience.

With a command on his subject, Pandure sir had a very interesting and interactive whole day session with the students.

The topics covered were active and passive firefighting, importance of road widths in planning, guidelines from National Building Code 2016, etc.

While explaining passive firefighting, he elaborated the significance of design of road width, side margins, fire dampers, fire doors, enclosed staircase, fire lift, refuge area, etc. and also the ways of firefighting on site – cooling, starvation, smothering.

The elements of Active firefighting such as duct, fire extinguisher, smoke alarm systems, sprinkler system, flooding system, fire extinguishers, hose and hose, hydrant, down comer, etc were also enlightened upon.


The composition and elements of Architectural design from fire fighting point of view, were also explicated such as site plan, road width, location plan, front elevation, building height, triangulation method calculation, ducts, etc. with the help of  architectural drawing sheet of NOC passed by Fire Officer.


Our principal Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar gave an appreciation speech and vote of thanks for Mr. Gurucharan Pandure for his efforts to make important about “application of firefighting” understood to the students.