Site Visits

Godrej Site Visit – 6th Januray 2018

‘What is architecture, if not making the standard of living better and structures more sustainable.’

The site visit at Godrej and Boyce Platinum rated tower, Vikhroli was organised to make students of B. R. Harne college of Architecture understand details of sustainable architecture as well as the services which is the most essential topic of architecture. It was organised by Ar. PrashantaPodar (ex-employee of Godrej and Boyce) and Ar. Sanjay Shirgaonkar, who are faculties in the college.

Students of third year assembled at the entrance of the site in Vikhroli at 9:30 am. The project architects first introduced the students to Godrej and Boyce, and their projects. Ar. VrindaPadhye, Ar. Lalit Davate and Ar. Jayraj Ghatge were the faculties assisting Ar. Podar and Ar. Shirgaonkar. Ar. Dilip Kamlapurkar, Head of Construction division, Godrej and Boyce lead the team from Godrej that included Ar. Bhuvana, Ar. Menka and safety officer Mr.Lenindra,which guided students and briefed them about the building.

The students did the case study of the club house and observed the spaces. They also studied the materials used for the children’s play area and how the care is taken to avoid any mishaps.

The students were then guided to the basement where they could study the various aspects of parking considered for making the building eco-friendly.  In the basement, students also got a chance to study the services of the building. The Godrej team didn’t leave any stone unturned in answering the questions asked by the students. Students then visited the sample flats. After studying the planning of flats, the amenities provided and the fire safety norms, students visited the top floor and learnt about the solar panels used in the buildings. The team from Godrej also explained students about the different green building norms. After studying the building, students headed towards the sewage treatment plant where they studied its process. After the students learnt  about the process, they were shown the sample of clean water (not potable though) which was treated earlier.

At the end of the visit, there was a small question and answer session with Ar. Dilip Kamlapurkar which helped the students to clear all their doubts. The site visit was important from the students’ point of view as it is helpful in academics. Ar. DilipKamlapurkar was satisfied with the students’ response and involvement. He wished students luck and promised to help students in the future.


 ‘Examples is not just the best way to learn, it’s the only way.’

The site visit at Dombivli was organised by Ar. Keshav Chikodi and aimed at teaching students about various design and construction elements of institutional architecture through live examples. Students of second and third year assembled at the entrance of the Model college at Khambalpada, Dombivli at 10 am. The site visit was supervised by Prof. Keshav Chikodi. Prof Ar Sanjay Shirgaonkar and Prof Ar Prashant Potdar assisted the students to the visit. Prof. Chikodi briefed the students about the visit. The students were divided into groups to cover all the aspects of the site visit. The following parts were covered by respective experts who had been an important part of the designing.

  1. All the details of the fire Safety system such as the water storage, the water supply, escape facilities, and other such details were explained by the chief engineer who played a major role in designing the fire-safety systems.
  2. The Post-tension slab, and other major elements such as the use of Aerated Blocks, Small construction details, Architectural harmony with the engineering principles and other such techniques and parts of the building construction which were in the construction process were explained by Prof. Keshav Chikodi.
  3. Interior design of various rooms was explained like the way the modular furniture has been smoothly incorporated and how the services were essentially fabricated within the limits was explained.

Later a question and answer session was conducted, where all the students got an opportunity to interact with Prof. Keshav Chikodi and the other engineers.Students will find it useful in their design as it was a valuable experience. Then Prof Sanjay Shirgaonkar gave a vote of thanks on behalf of all the students of B. R. Harne College of architecture.

Vangani Site Visit – 20th February 2017

Our Students visited the site near vangani on 20th feburary 2017 for the Design Project “Village Center” on the site which is approx. 1.5 km away at the Location “Done village” near vangani railway station. Total areaof the site was 11212.9375 sq.Mt .The site is connected to vangani railway station by a small pathway.