Guest Lecture Series

As an enhancement to the academics, we arrange guest lectures by eminent personalities from architecture and other allied fields.

15th February 2017 – Ar. Harshad Bhatia

Second lecture was graced by renowned Architect Harshad Bhatia from Mumbai. In his presentation “Look and Learn: Architecture”, he talked about basics considering that our students are still in initial years of architecture. He explained the application of “Basic Design” in architectural design. Such sensitivity and application is generally missed out by students and even by architects. The significant message received was “Think and design beyond plan, elevation, section, that is beyond the jury requirements!”

His presentation was truly an inspiration and great learning experience for our students!!

14th February 2017 – Dr. Varsha Shirgaonkar

First of the guest lecture series was graced by an academician and historian Dr. Varsha Shirgaonkar who is presently working on conservation and heritage structures in Mumbai, a quite relative study from architecture point of view.

She presented on two topics, “Deccan Architecture” and “Architecture as a social text”. In Deccan Architecture, she explained “Wada Architecture” in Maharashtra and significance of vernacular architecture. In “Architecture as a social text” she elaborated “Architecture is a mirror of culture” and how culture and monarchy have influenced architecture in various ways. She touched upon various topics of interest such as jewellery and other forms of arts related to architecture, ways of referencing in presentation, non-plagiarism, etc.