As a part of our workshop series 2018-19, renowned artist Prof. Kedar Shinde conducted a metal embossing workshop on 8th February 2019 at our college.

As a part of Inauguration, traditional Deep Prajwalan was done at the hands of calligraphy artist Mr. Ram Kasture, Prof. Kedar Shinde, our beloved principal Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar and Prof. Sanjay Shirgaonkar. After introduction of our eminent guests, both the workshops started at different venues simultaneously at 10.00 am.

In calligraphy workshop, Mr. Ram Kasture had introduced calligraphy, its application with artistic approach towards calligraphy. Graph books were distributed to all the students for calligraphy session, the students were instructed how to use the calligraphy pen for Devanagari and English fonts. In second half of the workshop Mr. Ram Kasture had given demonstration on painting and calligraphy, which still proudly sits in our waiting area that reminds us of those magical moments of creativity through applied arts of calligraphy.