Ar. Rajeev Taishete

7th August 2017 

A tale of constant effort and a love for learning

A Guest Lecture by Ar. Rajeev Taishete was conducted in the second year studio, 2nd floor, at 2P.M onwards in B.R. Harne College of Architecture, Karav, Vangani. 

Ar.RajeevTaishete is a renowned architect, with stores of knowledge about temple architecture and religious architecture. He is a prominent member of the Indian Institute of Architects. Ar.Ketaki Gupte introduced Ar. Rajeev Taishete with reminiscing the memories of him being a professor. Bhagyashree Pawar from second year, appreciated Ar. Taishete for his help in the surya mandir competition, as his help played a major role in the success in the competition. Ar. Rajeev Taishete narrated his tale of humble beginnings and how he overcame all the setbacks and problems, and how his love for reading played a major role in his life. He narrated how his love for knowledge helped him become a teacher. He then gave a brief report about his career. Then the lecture ended by Principal Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar giving a vote of thanks.