Principal’s Message


Ar. Uday More


A first step in a right direction is vital for your future and hence importance of choosing a right institute is beyond measure. What one looks for and expects from the college is multi-dimensional, may it be a simple thing such as distance to be travelled or something quite significant such as quality of education, the cultural ambience, the freedom to learn and experiment and also to grow and evolve as a person.

Jai Shree Siddhivinayak Foundation is a trust dedicated to quality education in rurban part of Mumbai region that is rich in scenic beauty. Given a fact that our institute B. R. Harne College of Architecture is just in it’s fourth year and placed on the outskirts of Mumbai, let’s count the blessings! With the comfortable travel in the opposite direction against rush, a connected bus service is dedicated by the trust for our students. We have our own new building for Architecture College.

You will grow with the institute with the sense of belonging while you will be one of the founder batches. There will be immense opportunities and freedom to experiment out of the box and find yourselves as a unique human beings and creative, ingenious architects who would know no limits for exploring their own talents! In spite of all limits and difficulties, we have a great team of dedicated teachers who are always willing to facilitate students and also to upgrade themselves with new technology. In the architectural education teaching learning process is not restricted to class rooms and laboratories but also involve one to one interactive training sessions with experts from academia and profession and interacting with human beings. We sincerely aim to transforming the students of architecture into sensitive professional architects with mission to develop eco-friendly approach to the profession and the responsible leadership.

I, being principal of this college feel truly privileged to lead this new institute. I assure my dearest students as well as those who aspire to take admission in this college that here we subscribe to high performance learning where our dedicated teachers instill in students the individuality, and encourage them to be original and creative architects. These efforts are complimented with diverse and rich extra-curricular activities such as music, drama, literature and movie clubs, educational tours, exhibitions, cultural events and sports. Our Mission is to create multi-talented, passionate and dedicated professionals respecting the needs of the nation in multiple disciplines such as education, post-graduation in Architectural planning, Regional planning, Infra-structure planning etc. in urban as well as rural environments. Such multi-layered approach towards education definitely leads towards enriching the personality of the students. Feel free to visit the place and we will be immensely happy to share with you our students’ designs and other works as well as our campus!!